Saturday, October 15, 2005

First Texan Mad Cowboy Disease, Now Virginia Foot in Mouth Disease: Jerry Kilgore Joins the Bush-like Republicans You Just Can't Trust.

Jerry Kilgore has, as Jon Stewart says, "Nothin'" So, he's found a new way to try to undermine Tim Kaine. Lie. Demagogue. Jerry even seeks to undermine our system of laws. That's what Jerry is up to now.

Watch the New Kill-and-Gore Ads
These ads are brought to you by the same folks bringing the Swift Boat Lies against John Kerry. Scott Howell, of Swift-Boat-Vets-for So-Called-Truth Fame, has gotten in the mud before. Now comes an ad, which so seriously takes things out of context that it reveals a scorching, raw, recklessness Virginians should really fear.

Hear What Tim Kaine Really Said
If you listen to the taped footage of the Richmond Times Dispatch interview, you'll hear what Tim Kaine really said.

Media Response: Papers weigh on Kilgore's ruthless, malicious and distorted ads.
--My only question is: How did this man get to play attorney general? "The ad exceeds the bounds of decency and good taste that ought to be ingrained in a future governor..." [Virginian Pilot editorial, 10-13-2005]

--" offensive and vile attempt to manipulate an emotional issue for base political gain." [Roanoke Times editorial, 10-13-2005]

--"Kilgore has managed to take the issue and run right into the gutter with it. ... some thoroughly venomous and dishonest ads have been unleashed to close the deal." [Daily Press editorial, 10-14-05]

--"Virginia needs a governor who is focused on solving the state's legitimate problems rather than smearing his opponent ... Kilgore showed a stunning lack of judgment ..." [Bristol Herald Courier editorial, 10-14-2005]
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The Subtext
Jerry Kilgore does not believe in the justice system. He does not believe in the law or the Constitution. He thinks anyone who provides defense disqualifies himself for the state's highest office. Kilgore is implying that defendants shouldn't be defended.

Tim Kaine does not personally believe in the death penalty. (Nor do Jeb Bush or Mike Easley, both governors). Neither does Rick Santorum. But Tim Kaine (and they) have sworn to uphold the laws of Virginia (or their respective states). Tim will again swear to uphold the laws of Virginia again when he is sworn in governor.

Those of us believing in life w/o parole, but no death penalty, should not apologize. It's an honorable position. And fellow citizens actually agree when asked questions without inflammatory push-polling. When asked whether, if there were no chance for parole for capital cases, they supported the death penalty anyway, only 39% of those surveyed said yes. And Jerry Kilgore grandstanding and flame-throwing can't change that. Citizens must speak out against those whose who'd execute the wrongfully convicted because they don't care about the truth. Justice is not fact-blind. Furthermore, as Kilgore plays fast and loose with the truth, he's attacking Kaine's religious beliefs. What Kilgore is implying is that only individuals of approved (by Republicans) tenets or dogma can run for office. This religious intolerance is unAmerican and decidely irreligious.

The Context
These extremists claimed that Earl Washington's case shouldn't have been reexamined because of the need for "finality." A Virginian executed not long ago left behind DNA, but these extremists still won't examine it because they don't want to know if the wrong man was executed. "Finality," you know. Do Virginia Republican leaders have a conscience? In 2000 Earl Washington was found innocent of the murder that erroneously put him on death row. Many in the country were reeling from the news that, in several states, mistakes had been made. These weren't just clerical or technical errors in many cases, but rather risked executing the wrong person. Gov. Ryan of Illinois courageously called for a moratorium until death penalty cases were studied in his state. And a number of cases were found to have been either based on errors or the arrest of the wrong person. A study and moratorium was the decent, honorable, and right thing to do.

Back when Kaine made the statement in the Richmond Times Dispatch interview, we also had a 21 day rule for the introduction of evidence disproving a person did the crime. Now the time period has been expanded, but it still isn't long enough. Furthermore, my understanding of the new law is that only DNA evidence can be used to disprove. But in some cases there is no DNA evidence. So even if witnesses come back years later and say they lied, or if a person can be proven conclusively to have been somewhere else, the case can't be reopened. The charges can't be dropped, unless there is DNA evidence in sufficient amounts to conduct the test.

Tim Kaine was asked his views on the death penalty in that climate--when there were calls for study here in Virginia. Any moral person should want real justice, the real culprits convicted. And it speaks for itself that the GOP crowd doesn't care about convicting the right person.

Now comes Jerry Kilgore to exploit two family members. Tim Kaine doesn't seem to want to talk about these cases because he doesn't want to criticize victims. But there is more to these stories than meets the eye. Check out independent bloggers: and have unearthed. The bottom line is Tim Kaine had nothing to do with their pain or grief. Does partaking in defammatory ads alleviate their grief? Did they just want someone, anyone, to pay? Only using the whole process, properly administered, could we know for sure the system has convicted the right person. Tim Kaine needs to fight back harder and tougher on these points.
To Sum Up:

Jerry Kilgore doesn't care whom he maligns or how he does it.
--Jerry Kilgore lost the debate, so he stoops lower than low.
--Jerry Kilgore has no regard for the truth.
--Jerry Kilgore is the most vicious candidate to run in Virginia in decades (and that's something given the George Allen "We're going to shove their teeth down their whiney throats" comment George Allen made about "liberals."
--Jerry Kilgore has no proposals for Virginia, except intrusive government, tax cuts, financial destruction, and more infrastructure privatization.
--Jerry Kilgore doesn't believe in civil liberties
--Kerry Kilgore thinks studying the Virginia justice system was the wrong thing to do.
--Kilgore doesn't support the Constitution, the law and due process.
-doesn't believe a person has a right to defense.-
-doesn't believe in the right of appeal
- thinks the only legitimate part of a court proceeding is the prosecution.
--While pretending otherwise, Jerry believes only in the tyranny of BIG GOVERNMENT.
--Jerry has criticized Tim Kaine's work to end insurance redlining because it's too "liberal.."
--Jerry unconscionably invokes Hitler against Tim Kaine.
--Jerry thinks private actions in loving relationships (whether hetero- or homosexual) are prosecutable -- even today in 2005.
--Jerry thinks mere presence in the vicinity of a crime should mean a person should be convicted of capital murder under his proposed expansion of gang statutes. Innocent bystanders, only in the wrong place at the wrong time, could get swept away in this expansion.
--Jerry lied when (at the debate) he said he wouldn't prosecute women, implying that he'd only target only doctors. He has repeatedly claimed abortion is murder and should be treated as such. Additionally, now he says that, unless a rape victim files a police report within a week, she shouldn't be allowed an abortion.
--Jerry disqualifies himself for governor because he doesn't support the law against illegal wiretaps (his party did this to Mark Warner and the Dems in the House of Delegates).
--Jerry Kilgore will mean more cronyism and corruption.
--Jerry Kilgore has represented a subsidiary of KBR as a lobbyist. Now he supports their Coalfield Expressway project.
--Jerry Kilgore wouldn't investigate King Pharmaceuticals because execs there donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to him (WDBJ7 says it's actually closer to a million). This suggests we need to take a closer look at Kilgore's relations and decisions while he pretended to be our AG.
--Jerry refuses to distance himself from the Rovian culture of corruption and lies. Rove is fundraising in Virginia for Kilgore.