Thursday, October 27, 2005


A commenter, Chris, whom I believe is over at spacecraft likes to ridicule. Usually, I must say, he's just running a quart low. Other than to say that much, I'll leave him to his fun.

But today I learned through Chris that I inadvertently posted an article, which I had left unfinished and unresearched on my post list. I'll think twice about leaving unfinished stuff on the blog. Far better to import them when I need to or upload them from doc files, which I haven't done recently because of some bug in my software which prevents uploading.

The comments were a first reaction and not any final consideration by me of the subject. And Chris rightly points out that the patent I spoke of (on the act of pouring a bowl of cereal) was pending and not finally approved. So, I apologize to those in the patent office who haven't yet finalized the patent.

I love innovation. But as one whose father holds some real patents, I believe they should mean something. Let's hope the USPO holds the application to good standards. So thanks Chris. Bet you never thought I'd be thanking ya, huh?