Friday, December 09, 2005

Joementum and Joemotion Turn into Commotion

Barely had rumors surface that Joe Lieberman might be a candidate for DOD, that Joe Lieberman started a commotion that only someone like Donald Rumsfeld, Tom Delay, or Dick Cheney could foment.

It seems that Lieberman wants to gag Democrats who stand up to Republican revisionism and hegemony. I'm not interested in Lieberman bashing, but I do take issue with his jumping onto the gag-the-Democrats push, evidenced all over Washington, in the media, and on the blogs.

For a discussion of many perspectives, take a look at the discussion over here, here and herefor more on this.

It's a sad day for democracy and freedom that once again the "gagsters" want to scare everyone into silence once again. If we can't point out what's wrong, and discuss solutions to problems, how will we improve anything, muchless homeland security and our national and international reputation? Unfortunately, the GOP and GOP-lites think we have to destroy freedom in order to "create" it. In the 21st Century it's really disappointing that some Americans are such a throwback to (Joe) MCCarthyism, which was anything but exemplary, despite all the revionists' mighty efforts to glorify it.