Wednesday, January 11, 2006

As the Stomach Turns: Lindsay Graham and His Shameful, Pathetic Emotional Ploy at the Senate Hearings...

The Give Me a Break Award for the Week: It wasn't bad enough that Sen. Lindsay Graham helped prep Samuel Alito for the Senate hearings, creating a conflict of interest. Now comes Graham to orchestrate a two-hankey boo-hoo for Alito's wife. She just couldn't take it that her husband was questioned about his participation in a group of Princeton alumni trying to keep blacks, Hispanics and women out of Princeton. Senator Kennedy read from a publication of the group and it read more like a neo-Klan publication.

This was no "youthful" mistake. Apparently Alito was about 35 years old when he belonged. Note too that while he put the membership on an earlier resume, he this week he claimed he didn't remember if he belonged. Once CNN and NBC (and who knows what other outlets) played up the "mean-mean, awful" Democrats and the poor, pitiful, sad wife, Martha-Ann rejoined the hearing smiling. Senator Graham, Martha-Ann Bomgardner, and Alito himself should be ashamed for the manipulative ploy. Give me a break.