Wednesday, January 18, 2006 loves (is the Bride of) Chucky?

As noted elsewhere in the blogosphere recently, presented a love-piece on Charles Carrico. They pretty much parroted Carrico's own talking points. Here's Carrico's agenda, annoted by yours truly:

*Working to bring better-paying jobs to the region;

[My reaction (K): Doesn't eveyone promise this?] Yet Rick Boucher does it more effectively than most, and certainly better than Carrico could.]

* Seeking ways to "reconstruct" the federal Immigration and Naturalization Service, to prevent illegal immigration and help those who want to immigrate legally;

[K: Most people would agree that some reforms are in order, but watch for Chucky to play this theme out as a horror flick, like Kilgore, ramping up zenophobic fears.]

* Working to get more affordable health care, including possible reimportation of certain medicines from outside the country;

[K: Anyone who trusts a Republican to do this is dreaming. They've fought health care reform every step of the way and only supported prescription drugs for seniors when their buddies in the pharmaceutical industry could be enriched. Now Bush and the Repugs are refusing to reimburse states which advanced life-or-death medicines to patients when the new system failed. Trust Chuck? I don't think so.]

* Using the country's natural resources, and researching alternative and renewable fuels, to make the nation more energy self-sufficient;

[K: Note he only says using, not protecting or conserving (where's the "conservative" in that?) I'm not looking for any meaningful support of alternative fuels from a party which has fought them for thirty years. Now that buyers want hybrids, they've found environmental "religion."]

* Voting for constitutional language to "protect our flag from desecration;"

[K: Here we go again. Solving the "burning" problems of the day by conjuring up pretend crises. Legislate insignificant numbers. Build laws about one, or a handful, of persons. How Falwell-like! Carrico fabricates a controversy to avoid really doing anything. PS making any desecration a crime could punish innocent people. If someone desecrates someone else's flag, does the owner get unfairly punished? To avoid such unfairness, maybe then we should all stop flying ours? How can flag burning be OK for the VFW and not for everyone else? Not that I or anyone I know, would do that. But the inconsistency is of doubtful constitutionality. It's amazing how macho-men like Carrico get all mushy over symbols but don't give a rat's tail about the real problems of human beings. And, Currico's meddling could very well lead to fewer people flying their flags. So, what, exactly, would his amendment accomplish?]

* Protecting the right to own firearms;

[K: Duh! It's already done. And the millions of guns in this country aren't going anywhere.]

* Defending "the institution of marriage as being between one man and one woman;"
[K: Spare me. Marriage needs no "protective" interference from Republicans. They should tend to their own (marriages) and let the rest of us be. Chucky should tend to his own bride.]

* Protecting individual's "right to pray and profess your faith in Christ no matter where you are;"

[K: Duh! Another done deal. But he's not content until he can also ram his prayer down other's throats whenever and wherever he wishes, thus interfering with our own right to pray anywhere at any time. Don't forget to wear your authoritarian uniform, Chuck. (He still doesn't get why he shouldn't lead a public prayer in a police uniform.) ]

* Opposing "the slaughter of innocent children through abortion;" and

[K: Here we go again...another male inserting himself into women's wombs. Why do mostly male Repugs have such an obsession? Chuck probably wants to enforce the law of Chuck (and Sideshow Bob, Cookie Cosgrove, and the whole sorry lot): They seem to think "Thou shalt not interfere with male sperm." Pulleez]

* Being a voice for Christians and striving "to strengthen the moral fabric of this faltering nation and stand for the one true God, Jesus Christ, on which our forefathers built this nation."

[K: My reaction: Chucky's arrogance that he's the Christian savior to "strengthen any fabric," is a stretch. He's running as Congressman, not minister. Pharisees are a dime-a-dozen in GOP-dom. But this statement pretty much says it all.]

Note: Although I saved edits to this post, for some reason, they did not go through. So, this is a slightly re-edited versionvfrom the one posted a couple of hours ago.