Monday, February 13, 2006

A Metaphor for His Whole Life: Dick Chicken Hawk Cheney Saves Us From.... Whom?

You know the drill. Dick Cheney "had to" destroy Iraq to save it, create an oiligarchy in the Middle East in lieu of "democracy" and supplant the Bill of Rights here at home "for freedom." He's the main colluder with George W. Bush in the unconstitutional power grab. He's the executive vice-president of Fear-Mongers, Inc. Now he's allegedly the source of Scooter Libby's classified information concerning the outing Joe Wilson's CIA operative wife, a get-even scheme unworthy even of Dick. But doggone if he hasn't gone plum loco and shot up a hunting companion. The man is clearly too off-target and scattershot to function. Additionally, this chickenhawk who shoots first and aims later needs America's full attention. We have a problem.

We now know that, besides having the Midas touch for himself and his friends, he's known for only one thing when it comes to the rest of the country: Screwing up bigtime. Where Cheney has tread, he leaves war; Halliburton overcharges, hegemony designed to leave the world war-torn for the next Century; rigged economies (instead of the "free markets" he claims to support), retribution against enemies; threats for people to "watch what they say;" conjured up intelligence; and other undemocratic legacies.

In speech after speech, he mislead about the case for war. And he's been the antithesis of the clean-mouth good example, even while his GOP counterparts in Virginia try to legislate (e.g, a new attempt in Virginia to legislate foul language). As usual, Dick Cheney's above the proposed law.

Unlike the phony and facile johnny-come-lately-to-the-hurricane (Bush), Cheney doesn't even pretend to care about citizens. It's not his MO. He'd rather go hunting with Justice Scalia (a conflict of interest) -- not long before the Supreme Court meddled in an election -- than behave like the leader we are paying him to be. But the worst thing about Dick Cheney isn't any of this. It's that there are millions willing to support and condone his every move. In addition to misserving our nation, he's a national embarrassment.