Friday, May 12, 2006

Robots for Miller

As another blogger has noted (read it here), Virginia goes further west than Roanoke and much further south. But Harris Miller doesn't seem to think so. So far, he's only sent a family surrogate to our neck of the woods.

And then there are the robo-calls, as Neal2008 points out. It seems only robots support him around here (Montgomery County, VA) too. So far, I have had at least three (not sure if any more came when I was out-of-state in part of April on family business)such calls. I've hung up on each of them. But Miller is hereby on notice.

Harris Miller: I will blog every single robo-call from now on. I am sick of them and you. And should another push call come to my number (the past one was a pathetic disgrace), I'll file my own FEC complaint. Thank you very much.