Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Speech of a Lifetime: Better than Murrow

Note: Run, don't walk to this site for Keith Olbermann's remarks tonight. Here's what he had to say. Also remember to thank Keith.

"Feeling morally, intellectually confused?"
Commentary by Keith Olberman of MSNBC

The man who sees absolutes, where all other men see nuances and shades of meaning, is either a prophet, or a quack. Donald H. Rumsfeld is not a prophet.

Mr. Rumsfeld’s remarkable speech to the American Legion yesterday demands the deep analysis—and the sober contemplation—of every American. For it did not merely serve to impugn the morality or intelligence -- indeed, the loyalty -- of the majority of Americans who oppose the transient occupants of the highest offices in the land. Worse, still, it credits those same transient occupants -- our employees -- with a total omniscience; a total omniscience which neither common sense, nor this administration’s track record at home or abroad, suggests they deserve."

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