Wednesday, November 01, 2006

George Allen Presents: A New Despicable Lie

[Update: In the post below, I do not mean to suggest benefits from Social Security are extrapolated from the amounts we have put in. So, it's not that benefits are compounded on what we put in. Benefits do, however, depend on the fact that both we and our employers have put into the system. Furthermore, a spouse, who is out of the workplace for a number of years (raising children, for example) may not receive the same benefit her working spouse does, even when the woman works the minimum of 10 years (40 quarters).]

Now the latest George Allen ad falsely claims that James Webb would give Social Security benefits to immigrants who have put nothing into the system. Social Security earnings are based precisely on what we put into it (and what our employers do). James Webb has said nothing of the kind. But George Felix Allen, Jr. is trying to scare Virginians into believing otherwise. He's played into xenophobia and taxpayer frustation all in one fell swoop. And he's convoluted all sorts of issues which can't be lumped together. Allen has yet to put forth a true ad. There ought to be a law.