Thursday, March 01, 2007

Let's Go For it: Let's Draft Al Gore!

As Al Gore prepared to attend the Oscars this past Sunday, the radical "right" began its attack on Al Gore?  Why?  Because they know if Al Gore runs, they are in trouble.  With Democrats positioned to take our country back in 2008, Al Gore has both the best resume, a previous popular vote victory, and a post-veep evolution so compelling, that he stands head and shoulders above the remaining possibilities.

As the Draft Al Gore website says:

At a time when politicians have lost the art of inspiring and leading, Al Gore speaks the truth and speaks it from the heart. His message is born out of conviction and is often decades ahead of its time. And he never gives in to politics as usual.

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Al Gore strenuously opposed the war before it happened, the "Patriot Act," and NSA spying on innocent Americans.  His recent (last three years) speeches have been spectacular.  And he's been a dogged supporting of work to prevent global warming.  As others have reminded, he's an environmental hero.  Celebrated all over the world for his heroic work on global warming, Al Gore is the one to heal relations with our allies and the world. An experienced diplomat, he's negotiated treaties for President Clinton, and is widely heralded as the most successful Vice President in the history of the US.  He has both the strength and courage to do the right things to really keep us safe.

Moreover, Al Gore symbolizes what might --and should-- have been.  He's both the candidate and the cause by which Democrats and Americans can rally with one voice to Take Our Country Back.  It's long past time for Al Gore to lead this country.  Draft Al Gore! 

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