Friday, October 05, 2007

Conservative Andrew Sullivan calls Bush Administration "Fascist"

Once again, George W. Bush falsely claims the US "does not torture." Check it out here.

But that is a lie. The administration's appalling record on torture, now confirmed yet again by a former DOJ official, has gone on far too long. Simultaneously, there are far too few voices raised against the extant climate of Constitutional lawlessness. But, some, including some notable conservatives, are speaking out. Here's what Sullivan had to say in a longer piece here.

For me, it is a defining matter in the corruption of conservatism, which is why I placed it at the heart of a book, detailing Bush and Rove's sustained attack on the conservative tradition. When conservatives subvert the rule of law ... to enable torture, and when only one man gets to decide who gets detained and tortured, they are no longer conservatives. They are fascists. And they need not just to be defeated; they need to be repudiated.

Sullivan also said:

The way in which conservative lawyers, and conservative intellectuals, and conservative journalists aided and abetted these war crimes; the way in which the president of the United States revealed so much contempt for the law that he put a candidate to run the Office of Legal Counsel on probation before he appointed him in order to keep the torture regime in place, the way in which Republicans and Democrats in the Congress pathetically refused to stand up to these violations of American honor and decency in any serious way (and, I'm sorry, Senator McCain, but in the end, you caved, as you always do lately): these will go down in history as some of the most shameful decisions these people ever made.

Such institutional barbarism is a sign of what our nation has become under Bush. And that is, unfortunately, a bully, lawless one. Americans must demand that our administration be held accountable. Our Congress must cut off funds for Bush's lawless operations. But torture is "only" the tip of the iceburg. The two leaders should be impeached.

--Unitary executive (authoritarian rule);
--Falsifying the case for war;
--Trying to deceive Americans into yet another war -- against Iran;
--Destroying a surplus and pushing the deficit into historic terrain;
--Destroying the health of our economy, which is not measured by stock prices alone;
--Wholesale handover of our tax dollars to cronies and no-bid contractors;
--Costing America most of her allies and her reputation;
--Stealing election 2000;
--Manipulating election 2004 with constant terrorism "warnings";
--Hoodwinking Americans into a climate of fear with such frequent false warnings;
--Whole scale refusal to comply with laws passed by Congress and "signing statements" used as a substitute for the legislative branch.
--Lying to the American people about just about everything.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about an affair. Where is the justice when this president has committed far worse transgressions?

The House must press forward. Let the impeachment hearings begin. NOW.