Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A Test of Sen. John Warner's Character and Statesmanship

Thursday, the Congress will vote to override Pres. Bush's family-unfriendly veto of S-CHIP. Will the Congress ante up and show that it truly is a family values Congress? Or, will it CS the vote and play ill-tempered games with the nation's children?

Senator John Warner is said to be a statesman. Of late, every time I thought he'd come through (because he professed he would), he did not, but rather caved to Bush. Now that he is not running again, what does he have to lose in doing the right thing? And Senator Warner's vote is a test of his conscience.

Every child and every adult deserves the right to health care. The time is now. Many of us will be watching the supposedly "family values" members of Congress. And we won't forget who really cares about families and who does not. Call, write, and demand that this Congress puts families first.