Saturday, July 12, 2008

Now They Tell Us: Iran Missile Wasn't Even a New One

Now that John McCain has grandstanded during Nightly News and ramped up the "urgency" of dealing with Iran, administration officials admit the missile wasn't even a new, but rather an older missile. Here's the story.

Additionally, missile testing per se doesn't mean Iran has improved it's supposed nuclear technology. Hypothetically it could have meant Iran developed a better delivery system, but it didn't. Our own intelligence services NIE recognized that Iran has no nuclear capability. Taken together, these facts mean there is no substantive progress" of any kind, much less progress toward a nuclear weapon.

Also, and importantly, what many in the so-called mainstream media don't tell is that Iran was reacting to the so-called "missile shield" agreement Bush made to set up in Eastern Europe, what Iran perceives as offensive, first-strike capability for use against Iran. Read here, here and here.

Responsible leaders would be firm with Iran, while at the same time, not willfully ramping up the tensions.