Tuesday, August 26, 2008

John McCain's Revisionism

John McCain has been working to make both the so-called "surge" and the ongoing presence in Iraq the Holy Grail of foreign policy. That's because he doesn't know squat about foreign policy. His rote strategy is to send troops; send more troops; deploy lethal force, even when lethal force isn't required by the situation; and then keep doing it indefinitely. Spend lots of money, enriching GOP-friendly contractors. Bankrupt government so he can drown it in a bathtub. And then claim that because he was a POW no one can call him on it, or any other terrible thing he says, does, or proposes.

But so flawed is John McCain's thinking that even General Petraeus, the vaunted high priest in Iraq, indeed the one McCain claims no one may contradict, disagrees with McCain himself. You can see why McCain tries to set himself up as unquestionable. The man simply can't stand up under the scrutiny.

Read about it here. Indeed Petraus says exactly what Barack Obama has said--that the decrease in violence happened for a number of reasons, including the "Sunni Awakening."

For the record, the so-called awakening is buzzword for being paid to stand down. We paid them for their nonviolence! As in welfare! Imagine the reaction if anyone dared suggest that we pay people in the US to not commit crimes! I am definitely not advocation such a policy. But it is worth considering exactly how outrageous is the position our leaders have boxed us into.

But more than that. It's outrageous that John McCain has the gall to scold Barack Obama, who has been right about the war all along. We shouldn't have ever gone there and most Americans know it. His exit timetable has now been mimicked (albeit with another name--goal) by the Bush administration. However, note the suspicious timing, in time to score election points with voters fed up with the endless war.

Another point of McCain contentiousness (and he is, if anything, contentious) is that redeployment would be "wrong," tantamount to surrender, and lacking consideration of conditions on the ground. But Obama has always included the caveat that our redeployment of troops had to be made in light of conditions on the ground. That's precisely what Petraeus has said, and the Bush administration as well. Of course, they'll give no credit to Obama for having been right. They'll just shamelessly imitate, and continue to scold him for being supposedly "wrong." Oh, yeh, and they'll shamelessly impugn his character and, especially, his patriotism. These guys have got nothing. So they dip into the stench well of stinking, dirty lies.

As for McCain, the man no longer knows the meaning of the truth; protecting our country, or the troops; or the integrity needed to run an honest campaign. Much more on his scurrilous, defamatory ad campaign shortly...