Thursday, March 05, 2009

Short Take: Lies, Lies, and More Lies About Obama Marginal Tax Rates

From the howling of nearly all Congressional Republicans and, more recently, the predictable treachery of protect-the-rich-at-all-cost Democratic Senators Max Baucus (MT)and Evan Bayh (IN), you would think that Obama wanted to unfairly tax the rich. Yeh, the rich that got so disproportionately more rich while the rest of us sunk from any chance at the so-called American dream. But as blogger Steve Benen points out, such false claims quickly fall when one knows this:

As Now would be a very good time to point out how truly insane all of this is. Obama is talking about a 39.6% top rate. In Reagan's first term, it was 50%. Under Nixon, it was 70%. When FDR pulled us out of the Great Depression, it was around 80%.

Read Steve Benen's blog at Washington Monthly here. It is amazing how misleading, obstructionist and blatantly selfish these folks are. They've gotten an historic free lunch at the public trough. But even a slight sacrifice is just too much. As for our esteemed Dems, Bachus is at work trying to obstruct other Obama proposals as well. With people like this on our side of the aisle, who needs enemies? Did I mention, let's run someone against Baucus and Bayh in their next primary?