Sunday, May 31, 2009

Here We Go (Again)

Divisiveness is endemic to the new GOP ticket for Governor, Lt. Governor and Attorney General. With the Republican state caucus behind them, candidates for governor (Bob McDonnell), LG (Bill Boling) and AG (Ken Cuccinelli)bring to Virginia what Lavar Stoney (Executive Director of the Virginia Democratic Party) called "the most divisive ticket in modern Virginia history." Indeed. The state Republican Party seems to dig a deeper hole for itself every time.

Here's more of what Stoney said:

The Republican Party of Virginia held their State Convention today in Richmond and as expected they have nominated the most divisive ticket Virginia has seen in the modern era.

If elected, we can expect Bob McDonnell, Bill Bolling and Ken Cuccinelli to put their far-right-wing agenda ahead of the needs of Virginia's families. They will do everything they can to turn back the clock on the progress we've made under Governors Warner and Kaine.

The Republicans' choices just give us another reason to go out and work hard again this year to elect sensible, pragmatic leaders that will continue moving Virginia forward.

It's laughable that Bob McDonnell says he'll be a "jobs" governor. Not only is he the antithesis of a jobs candidate, with no plan to do that, but he flunked the first real test--by urging Virginia's legislative body to reject the stimulus for extended unemployment benefits. This ticket cares nothing about real men and women who are without work. Instead, they rely on ideological utterances and empty slogans. It seems the Virginia GOP, like it's national org just doesn't listen (or care) what America needs. More on what's wrong with the Bob McDonnell ticket as we move toward November. Suffice it to say that anyone but Bob will be our mantra. Any of the Democratic alternatives would do a better job of bringing Virginia's economy back from the brink that the party of Bush-Cheney-and Bob McDonnell brought us.