Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Simply Unparalleled: It's Leslie Byrne for LG

I've been reading the Washington Post since 1989, when my daughter first moved to the NOVA area. And when there, we'd all pour over newspapers. I was often second, third or fourth in line for the front section, so I sopped up the Metro. And an interesting thing happened. I got my introduction to Leslie Byrne through newsprint. This was especially true during the years we were able to get home delivery of the Post here Blacksburg. (First one braving the cold for the newspaper gets the A Section. I never liked the cold all that much.) However, it was clear to anyone following the local news, that Leslie Byrne was and is an amazing woman.

Leslie Byrne is quite simply, one of the most qualified candidates ever to run for Lt. Governor in Virginia. For example, she's: Worked in her community as president of both the PTA and League of Women Voters; built a business; presided over a human resources consulting firm for high-tech companies; served in local government; been elected to four terms in the Virginia House of Delegates; served in the US Congress and the Virginia Senate (until the Republicans, afraid of her talent and her strength, gerrymandered her out of office)

Her accomplishments are considerable. When Leslie Byrne served in the US House of Representatives, she was so highly regarded that she was elected the freshman caucus whip. She passed more legislation that any other newly elected representative. She blazed trails for women. And wanting to share what she's learned, she co-founded Voices for Women. I'm proud of her confident defense of democratic values. However, she also works well across the aisle.

--While in Congress, she helped prevent cuts in federal wages and benefits and cuts to programs for seniors.
--And she introduced and passed bills in support of children's health and immunization.
--She fought to improve oversight of the 1.7 million miles of natural gas and petroleum pipelines.
--She also led on legislation enabling IRA holders to use savings for buying a home or paying for college.
--In Virginia, she passed legislation to require that trucks cover their loads.

Today, she proposes commonsense solutions to our state's problems and works constructively to move Virginia forward. She intends to help Tim Kaine bring Virginians: Universal health care, which can save the taxpayers, citizens, small businesses, and the already-insured in the Virginia employee system.

She'll work toward full funding of education. She'll work to end the off-shoring of Virginia jobs. She'll assure civl liberties are protected. She'll work with Tim's toward enforcement of our state's environmental laws (hopefully with an AG --Creigh Deeds--who will keep illegal dumping from Virginia). She'll continue Mark Warner's legacy of mainting, and even improving, a healthy business climate. She'll support improved multi-modal transportation, including more use of rail. Leslie Byrne will fight to protection of reproductive freedom and personal privacy. And she'll provide pivotal, tie-breaking votes, when needed, in the state Senate. The TLC team (Tim, Leslie, Creigh) will bring a government that fairly balances competing interests.

Leslie Byrne is as affable as she is smart, as imaginative as she is practical and, most of all, a leader who listens. She'll always remember she represents us. Leslie Bryne is simply the most courageous candidate for statewide office anywhere. She steps into big shoes, which she is more than prepared to fill. If you hear her speak, as I have several times, you will see that Leslie Byrne is not only the better choice, but an outstanding choice for LG Nov. 8th. And I am so proud that Leslie Byrne is running for Lt. Governor of Virginia.

Check it out for yourself at her website. Or go hear her this Saturday at the Montgomery County Government Center 9:30 AM.