Saturday, February 04, 2006

Same Characters, Same Opportunistic and Intrusive Snooping Plans

It turns out that some of the same characters tried to snoop on Americans in the 1970s. This calls their current motives into question. Justified eavesdropping on suspected terrorists is one thing. But invading everyone's privacy is quite another. The broad-scale approach is so absurd that if, hypothetically, a person tells a family member that little Johnny or Susie XXXXXX a test or someone who uses the old expression "it's da' XXXX" would fall into the NSA net. We probably should have known this was going on when a woman from Northern Virginia once found herself explaining to the FBI, and reported in various media, when she recalled her child's poor test performance on the phone to someone. FISA was designed to prevent such nonsense. And it should be adhered to. We can keep America safe and protect the Constitution too. It is not an either or proposition, a zero sum game. Read about the historic attempt to invade Americans lives in the 1970s here.