Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Gov. Tim Kaine, Embedded
It seems that Gov. Tim Kaine has been treated to the Rumsfeld Disinformation Tour. The Governor is now embedded. According to a Zogby poll, 72% of the troops don't agree with Tim, but here he is siding with Bush and Rummy anyway. I don't suppose he got to see many of those 72%. No doubt Bush's penchant for showcasing only those who agree with him, as in his on-more-time effort to market his Medicare and Social Security privatization schemes, pervades these tours as well. But it gets worse. In contradiction of most of those going on fact-finding trips there, Kaine now says he sides with Bush. Here's what WDBJ7 reported.
In an exclusive interview from Kuwait with Richmond Bureau Chief Jennifer Wishon, Kaine said he opposes calls by some fellow Democrats to set a timetable for withdrawing U.S. troops. Instead, he supports Bush administration plans to gradually withdraw U.S. troops as more Iraqi troops and security forces are trained.

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