Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I've Had It!

I've had at least four robo-calls (looks like I got more while away for over a week), one push poll, and in the last 24 hours two mailings full of misleading information against James Webb. Let's talk about the latest. "James Webb continues to praise Ronald Reagan's Republican values," claims the one-page (two-sided) brochure. The brochure tries to give the impression that James Webb supports the Bush agenda.

Ironically, James Webb has been out in front for several years condemning Bush policy. Where was Harris Miller? Oh, yes. He was wiping out our jobs and offshoring them, eliminating legitimate vote-count auditability, ramping down benefits for American workers and assuring workers of third world countries work in sweat shops. James Webb gets that trickle-down "economics" doesn't work. Harris Miller has much to learn.

I voted for Ronald Reagan when he ran for freaking governor (the first time). I was a new young voter. Sue me. I was an idiot to do it. I never voted for a Republican again, except to cross over in one GOP primary (1988). (I voted Dem in the general election.) We learn. Webb learns too (though a careful read of his writings shows he is more thoughtful and more accomplished than Miller could ever be on the issues). Instead Miller lobs emotional mortars.

We know our leaders by what they have advocated and whether they stood with courage on the right issues at the right time. James Webb did. Despite the show, Miller is a poor excuse for a Democrat. If Harris Miller wins the primary (and if he does it will only be because people believe his vicious deceptions), I will write in James Webb. Miller doesn't have a prayer, anyway.

Harris Miller will do nothing for Virginians and Americans and everything for corporations. So, what's the diff. We couldn't count on him when the chips were down during the past few years. We won't be able to count on him in the future. Harris Miller has presented the divisive, highly corporatized, campaign that every Democrat should reject. James Webb, however, we should be so lucky to have him for US Senator.