Thursday, September 07, 2006

White House Talking Points Pervasive in ABC Movie, "The Path to 9-11"

One the eve of the anniversary of 9-11, it seems ABC plans to stoop to depths so low they're even unworthy of ABC. A new 9-11 film set to air Sunday and Monday will be given to schools after airing. There were even Scholastic Company "study guides," which combined with the movie was designed to rewrite history, blaming Clinton for 9-11, which happened on George W. Bush's watch. Scholastic has come to its senses. Not ABC.

It is instructive to note that CBS pulled the network plug on a Reagan film because conservatives didn't think it painted Reagan and Nancy favorably enough. But here's a network more seriously blaming Bill Clinton for 9-11, when the record shows Bill Clinton focused far more on fighting terorism that Bush ever has. But when Bill Clinton did so, GOP members of Congress railed in protest, falsely alleging Clinton was "wagging the dog." Despite intelligence, warnings and the considerable effort of national security experts in the White House, Bush downplayed and underfunded terrorism in favor of furthering neocon hegemony. He thought we wouldn't notice.

But it's worse. Even when confronted with the news of 9-11, George Bush sat there for 7 minutes like a deer caught in headlights. Anyone who hasn't seen the movie, "Fahrenheit 9/11" owes it to him or herself to watch at least that portion of video footage taken by a local rreporter in Florida that day. Watch it and you'll know just how well Bush protected us. The footage speaks for itself. The man was frozen in place, eyes darting eratically. Meanwhile, Richard Clarke and Roger Cressey and others were the real heroes, even as Bush jetted here and there hididng and cowering like a a frightened animal. Americans stood strong. Bush didn't.

But ABC, like FOX, is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the White House. ABC shamelessly exploits the facts and memory of 9-11. They defile the memories of those who perished and forge a political wedge on a day no company should exploit. 9-11 united Americans. George W. Bush has driven a wedge between Americans and continues to do so in his marching orders to a monolithic, one-party system. He calls on Americans to relinquish all their freedoms, in short life as we've known it -- because HE FAILED to protect us!

ABC claims it follows the 9-11 Commission findings. That is blatantly untrue, despite Thomas Keane's absurd claim otherwise. It's notable that while this Republican partisan was allowed to consult, no Democratic counterpart was. Even Rush Limbaugh visited the set of this film, scripted by a conservative Republican. Limbaugh may have offered advice as well. Copies have been given to nunmerous conservative bloggers and dittoheads. But president Clinton was not permitted to see a copy of a film, which outrageously essentially blames him for most of what's happend on Bush's watch. George W. Bush has been in office for nearly six years and he's still blaming Clinton, Democrats (who don't run any house of Congress our court) for all that ails the country and the world.

And after all that, George W. Bush dares to claim he protects Americans more than Democrats. Presidential Daily Briefing clearly indicated an imminent threat of airplanes flying in9-11 happend on his watch. He did nothing to prevent it, even after the August 6, 2001to tall buildings (9-11 Commision Report). And yet, Thomas Keane goes before cameras to justify his obsene ratification and complicity in this despicable film.

Not only did Bush ignore all warnings of terrorism, but also he even objected to the Dept. of Homeland Security and has sabotaged it's effectiveness by permitting grants to localities and cronies for nonsense. It's pathetic to watch the GOP learn how to milk and exploit any program ever invented. For example, electric stand on scooters for campus police at Virginia Western Community College were funded by the Dept. of Homeland Security!!!!

The administration is using the Dept. for pork, not protection. Witness the Katrina giveaway to corporate friends while failing to address the real problems. Note every last housing project in New Orleans was closed. Many are habitable. But they are chained up and posted to keep residents out so they land can be given to developers. That makes all the really poor of New Orleans homeless, or displaced out of state and dumped on the laps of everyone else.

Bush ignored the warnings of planes attacking tall buildings even though the military engaged in war games for just such an eventuality in the spring of 2001. See Dick Clarke's book Against All Enemies or Roger Cressey's clarifications on the 9-11 film on the blog linked below).

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And let the boycott begin. Just say no to ABCs despicable revisionism and to any other network trying to exploit 9-11.