Wednesday, November 01, 2006

5/8 Recent Polls Show Webb Ahead: Repugs Go Insane

VA-SENRasmussenOct 31Webb (D) 51%, Allen (R) 46%
VA-SENZogby Int.Oct 31Webb (D) 51%, Allen (R) 47%
VA-SENCNNOct 30Webb (D) 50%, Allen (R) 46%
VA-SENGHY (D)Oct 30Webb (D) 47%, Allen (R) 43%
VA-SENRasmussenOct 27Allen (R) 49%, Webb (D) 48%
VA-SENSurveyUSAOct. 25Allen (R) 49%, Webb (D) 46%
VA-SENL.A. TimesOct 24Webb (D) 47%, Allen (R) 44%
VA-SENMason-DixonOct 23Allen (R) 47%, Webb (D) 43%

And, so the dirty tricks by the GOP escalate. Another recent variation is to leave a message telling voters they "don't have to vote." This message is followed by an RNC flier falsely telling voters that the Democrats "don't want you to vote." The double-whammy is designed to convey that Democrats were behind the previous call, and that Dems are attempting vote suppressionwhen in fact the Repugs are doing just that.

How desperate are they?