Saturday, June 09, 2007

Media Watch: NPR's Continued Descent into the Utterly Trivial

Today, NPR's Morning Edition ran stories on such "urgent" news of the day as:

--"Extreme horror films" (such as "Hostel-2" and the "Saw" Movies.
--How an upstart horse ls running the Belmont.
--A Catholic writes about a goddess.
--A team tried to test a pencil manufacturer's claim that a box could transcribe an entire book.
--And my personal un-favorite, the links for how to gamble on whether Tony Soprano will "get whacked" in Sunday's series finale of The Sopranos.

These stories were important because....? This AM's NPR couldn't be more worthless. Meanwhile the world goes on, Americans, even NPR listeners, who sometimes fashion themselves more informed and brighter than the next person, are nearly completely uninformed. The local sister station, NPR Talk, absurdly calls itself "Radio IQ," even as its talk shows are dumbed down and made safe for mis-managers from the Bush administration. Critics are nearly always "balanced" by someone safely from the DLC-type "center." Studies show that those who rely on other than the print word or internet are poorly informed. And they don't get it. NPR and PBS were long ago taken over by the Gingrich "revolution" (translated re-education, or indoctrination). That was over ten years ago. And many folks still put their faith and their money in public radio, our National Propaganda Radio.