Sunday, April 08, 2007

Oprah's Unkind, Biased and Misguided High Horse

Oprah's at it again. Sanctimonious, stern, and scolding in tone, she went after Elizabeth Edwards on Friday. Before Edwards appeared from a remote location, Oprah asked whether John Edwards should be running, given his wife's significant health problems. Using the same worn "some say" routine pervasive on FOX and CNN, Oprah trotted out four nasty person-on-the-street critics to stick their nose in Edwards' personal decisions and question whether John should be running. After the four nasties weighed in, Edwards was pretty much asked to defend herself and her husband. She did so with dignity, good will and good cheer. But she did get in one well-deserved jab at the critics. She said we are a judgmental culture. Amen.

We have no earthly business ruminating, obsessing, second-guessing ANY celebrity or politician with respect to their personal lives.

On the other hand, talk show hosts, reporters and pundits NEVER raise an appropriate examination of whether George W. Bush is fit to remain in office. They don't question whether his vulnerability to alcohol has resurfaced, or whether he is currently unstable. He is clearly out of touch, even by many Republican's estimates. Yet few raise any concern.

Instead of national honesty, we get daily trashing of anyone Democratic, and the ongoing vomit of Anna Nichole obsession. Do we really care if teenage mediocrity wins Idol? Every single MSNBC talk show producer seems to think so.

It's all designed so we don't address the disastrous so-called leadership of this country-- pseudo leaders, who don't know the difference between leading and ordering. And these matters do relate to the running of this country. But for media figures to lecture an honorable couple, who set a good example, make a difference, and are giving of themselves so we can health care and general economic fairness, is sickening.

It is not lost on me that Oprah supports Barak Obama and may have had ulterior motives for her meanness. I lean toward Obama myself. But this is NOT the way to garner support for him. Oprah owes the Edwards family -- and all of us--an apology.