Wednesday, October 17, 2007

America's Worst Nightmare, Rudy Giuliani, Has Radical Extremists Advising Him

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Whoever started the moniker, "America's Mayor?" That PR description for Rudy Giuliani must have been hatched by Rudy himself. The absurdity of such a nick-name becomes more obvious each day, as we learn more and more about the real Rudy. Radical right wing-nut war-mongers, who were even too extreme to be up-front on the Bush team, are advising Rudy on foreign policy and security. When it comes to bad advice for Rudy, America's been taken down that road before.

--Norman Podhoretz once wrote a book that 9-11 was the beginning of WW4. Terrible as it was, 9-11 was not WW4. That has never stopped opportunists, profiteers, and authoritarians such as Rudy, from claiming such, however. Podhoretz has been lobbying Bush (met with him last month) to bomb Iran. (Why does this man have the ear of the President?)

--Daniel Pipes --advocates war with every Muslim or Arab country in the world. He even believes that if a suicide bomber comes from a particular village, the entire village should be destroyed.

--Thomas Joscelyn is Rudy's "terrorism adviser." He's still falsely claiming Saddam and Bin Laden worked together to cause 9-11. His advice would be worth exactly zero.

Michael Rubin was a key supporter of Ahmed Chalabi. Rubin worked under Douglas Feith's "Office of Special Plans" where he hawked bogus ties between Al-Qaeda and Saddam. He "sourced" bogus "intelligence" from Iraq. In 2003 he wrote a presidential directive to overthrow government of Iran.

Rudy, who recommended Bernard Kerik as Director of Homeland Security, is no one to keep America safe. Here's the latest from CBS News on Kerik's woes to indicate Rudy is poor judgment.

Take a look at TPM TV for the video and more info on the Rudy team of wing nuts.