Thursday, January 31, 2008

Media Watch: Monitor Chris Matthews Descent into Sexism and Blithering Stupidity

I am not a Hillary supporter, but Chris Matthews' treatment of her is enough to make anyone sick. He banters about cleavage, complains about her voice (he said it sounds like fingernails on a blackboard), harps on her laugh, disses her pantsuits, called her a she-devil, and on and on. This appalling conduct in the 21st Century! Where does Chris Matthews live? In America?

Matthews got a dressing down recently by a letter-writing campaign by Media Matters ( He then appeared momentarily contrite, sort of.

But don't expect him to change stripes any time soon. Before any time at all, he'll be back on his trail of sexist comments and unfit commentary based on the trivial and the level of distraction quotient.

Want to see more about Matthews idiocy? Media Matters makes it easy. Check it out here.