Sunday, February 24, 2008

Morphing into Frank Rich

I've been under the weather for a while. And I'm finally beginning to feel like blogging again. But since I don't have my full energy back, today, I'll let Frank Rich speak for me. And he does it so much better:

Here"s the link.

And here's a sample:

It’s not just that her candidacy’s central premise — the priceless value of “experience” — was fatally poisoned from the start by her still ill-explained vote to authorize the fiasco. Senator Clinton then compounded that 2002 misjudgment by pursuing a 2008 campaign strategy that uncannily mimicked the disastrous Bush Iraq war plan. After promising a cakewalk to the nomination — “It will be me,” Mrs. Clinton told Katie Couric in November — she was routed by an insurgency.