Monday, May 19, 2008

What the GOP (and Hillary) Want You to Forget About 2000.

[Hat-tip and kudos to Madfloridian at DU (article here]

The photo in Madfloridian's post is of the supposed Floridians trying to stop the recount in Florida. In fact, they were Republi-thugs, dispatched by the GOP in Washington DC to halt the audit and recount on the vote in Florida. Remember this tactic. Consider that Hillary Rodham Clinton supporters have tried to pull such a maneuver in a rally at the DNC in Washington recently. They want you to believe they are innocent folks in FL., “denied” their vote. In reality, the were part of the Clinton conspiracy to defraud Democrats and Barack Obama with her now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t agreement (in writing) that she’d follow the rules. They seek to both throw out all caucus votes and to give ALL (i.e., Obama would get zero) of Florida and Michigan votes to her, when she signed an agreement not to run or campaign in either state.

Hillary’s myth that “she is ahead in the popular vote” is a lie. It could only be so if she gets all of MI and FL and Obama gets nothing AND if the results of four caucus states are thrown out. And yet she pumps up her supporters to believe they (and not we Obama supporters) have been ripped off. She signed an agreement, then pulled a fast one on Obama, Edwards and the whole party. And now she feins lack of “fairness” and engenders animosity on the part of her supporters toward the rest of us. Enough is enough.