Monday, April 07, 2008

Just Say No to Petition Urging a Hillary/Obama Ticket.

Mark Ambinder, a blogger at,has posted a link to a petition by a Hillary supporter, who thinks Obama should hang things up and line up behind Hillary.

Yep. Obama leads, even won the most delegates in Texas (bet you weren't told THAT by the so-called mainstream media!). And we are being fed this stuff. Just say no to such nonsense. BTW, why is an Atlantic blogger supporting Hillary Clinton? Here's what I said in response to Ambinder's ridiculous blog:

Not buyin' it. Obama is ahead. Why on earth would he take second seat to Hillary? The Clinton's have had their chance.

Moreover, the resume padding by Hillary shows just how little experience she actually has. Indeed some of it is negative experience (Iraq vote). Try as she might she cannot concoct enough exaggerated stories about how she solved the problems of the world (with no clearance), "saved" No. Ireland, when she did no such thing, and ducked incoming in Bosnia (not!). She claimed to be against NAFTA all along. She wasn't. Now Mark Penn "left" the top strategist position, but he didn't really. He's just had a change of title. And then, as if the above isn't enough, it now turns out Hillary dissembled about the sad health care story she has told for days. the woman DID have insurance and Hillary is not telling the truth.

Honestly, you would thing she'd learn. We are in a new century and need new leadership. Enough is enough.