Sunday, June 22, 2008

McCain's Sordid Campaign Finance Behavior Doesn't Stop Him from Attacking Barack Obama (Who's campaign finance actions, unlike John McCain's, walk the walk).

John McCain put his name on McCain-Feingold (campaign finance "reform, which actually allowed limitless soft money into campaigns and reformed campaign finance not one iota")and then gutted key provisions of the bill. McCain-Feingold made it harder for ordinary citizens to donate, harder for political parties to do so, but made it easier for PACs and other go-around groups looking for gaping loopholes to plow through. Any equation of John McCain with campaign finance reform needs an asterisk, adding "wink, wink."

But recently, in addition to having lobbyists running his campaign, he (illegally)used the promise of securing public financing as collateral on a loan for his primary run. Now comes McCain to pretend that he is squeeky clean on finance and that Obama is not. Ironically, Obama is so much less beholden to the lobbying class than McCain, that Obama's campaign sets an example for how to run on donated monies from everyday voters not vested interested interests. Obama's is the true grass roots campaing which defies those cynical pols like McCain who tried to destroy the ability of the grass roots to compete with the moneyed interests on K Street.

Every single time this story has run, the media owed it to the public to tell them the truth about John McCain. But they won't because they are his biggest fans. So, Dems and bloggers will have to do the work for them.

McCain-Feingold "Campaign Finance Reform" is an oxymoron. And McCain is an idiot to think we'll let him get away with his revisionism.