Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One for the Books: John McCain is an Idiot (and So Are His staff)--Reason No. 5 to Vote for Barack Obama over John McCain

[Hat Tip to Gray Havens at RK.]

"John McCain is aware of the Internet," Mr. Soohoo said. "This is a man who has a very long history of understanding on a range of issues."

Really? I don't think so... Read the entire article here. Indeed one gets the feeling that John McCain has a few wing-nuts loose.

Remember that "internet is a bunch of tubes" description of the internet by one hapless and somewhat brainless Republican? Maybe that wasn't an isolated incidence of idiocy among Republicans? Now comes John McCain's staff to illustrate both the missing brain matter of the candidate himself and the McCain spokesperson too.

Not long ago, McCain proclaimed that he didn't know much about economics. That characterization of his comprehension (or lack thereof) about one of our most vital areas of policy should give voters pause. Also not long ago, John McCain needed Joe Lieberman to set him straight about just who the terrorists in the Middle East really are. He gets confused about who is the enemy, what kind of threat they pose, whether or not they have WMD, and how long we should engage our troops on behalf of the Bush war machine.

More and more, John McCain shows why furthering the Bush debacle with a disastrous third Bush term would further the unraveling of everything good America has achieved. And McCain just doesn't get it. Do you think the collective media will ever come clean on their McCain adoration? What are the odds that this information will be widely available? Media will tell the truth if they have a reason to do so, such as the possible loss of their revenue. It's time to go into overdrive on media watch. Hold them accountable. Viewers, listeners, readers and bloggers must force these issues onto the news pages. The public has a right to know about McCain's incompetence and the media who've kept the fact of his incompetence from them.