Saturday, July 19, 2008

Who Is a Real Leader? Obama Scores Points

First, President Bush set "horizons" (wouldn't want to say time lines) for withdrawal from Iraq. Sounds too much like Obama's timetables. Then McCain mimics Obama by saying he'd increase troupe strength in Afghanistan. Then, Iraqi PM, Nouri Al Maliki embraces a timetable (here). THEN, alMaliki appears to embrace Obama's idea of withdrawal. AND THEN FINALLY, our very own General Petraeus gave credence to Obama's assertion that al Qaida'a senior leaders are diverting fighters from Iraq into Afghanistan. al Qaida wasn't in Iraq before the huge Bush-McCain blunder of war there. And now, McCain had to wait for Obama to note that many of them have gone back to Afghanistan.

According to ABCNews' Jake Tapper,

Gen. David Petraeus, the top U.S. military commander in Iraq, told The Associated Press today that there are indications al-Qaida's senior leaders are diverting fighters from the war in Iraq to the Afghan frontier.

Barack could have told Bush and McCain so. So, with everyone from Bush, to McCain to al Maliki to Petraeus implicitly giving credence to Obama's statements, why not have a real leader come November (and January swear-in)? Obama runs circles around the current leaders. And their complaining is just because Obama makes them look bad. Now, who's the leader? (Hint: not Bush or McSame)