Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kathy's Interim Convention Speech and Election Coverage Report Card

[Updates slightly from original post.]
Just for fun, I thought I'd grade some of the speeches thus far. Here goes.

Michelle Obama: A (Simply awesome.)

Hillary Clinton B+ (Would have been at least an A had the first 3/4 been as good as the last five minutes). The last few minutes rocked. But overall Clinton used her characteristically plodding, slow speaking style. That super-slow pace essentially speaks down to us. It feels like we are being lectured. And we can grasp fast talk with more content!)

Mark Warner C- (He was trying too hard to speak to Independents and moderate Republicans and forgot who his audience was. The keynote is supposed to energize the convention, and so Warner wasn't the best pick. He isn't a motivational speaker. He gave as good a speech as he's ever given. But his usual is worse than ordinary. And he is the "wooden" they must have been thinking of when they said Al Gore was "wooden.") Very flat. Zero motivation value. He may have been a reasonably good governor. But a speaker he's not.

Brian Schweitzer: C- (Cocky, condescending, slow.)

Also, just for (not too much) fun, I'll grade MSNBC and CNN for convention coverage:

F- and F, respectively. Every time I look at either station (often throughout the day), they are interviewing a Republican. Whose convention is it anyway? They two stations have been fomenting controversy, focusing on a few dozen rowdy spectators outside their booth, and giving us their tired prattle instead of the actual speeches on the floor. I am so sick of it, I have watched on CSPAN. Just because the GOP lie patrol showed up to crash the Dems party doesn't mean you have to give them a voice. Imagine if the Dems did the same. They'd be trashed by every single station and not given a voice through interviews. And Dick Wadhams as "Minister of Truth"? Oh, puleeze...The media is so unbelievably the GOP lapdog information society that it has lost all credibility.