Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah Palin's "Greatest" Hits: The Pathetic, the Outrageous, and the Unqualified

The consensus says that Sarah Palin is the most unqualified candidate for VP in US history. But she's not "just" unqualified. She gushes, exudes, even takes joy in her own failure as a thinking adult. And because beauty queen and small-time news personality Palin just shows up, bats her eyes, smiles her lip-glossed smile--we told she has a chance to prove herself worth of being a heartbeat away from the presidency. John McCain is the oldest candidate ever to run. He's had melanoma at least twice. America has never been in such peril.

The woman doesn't know anything about national issues (except, of course, Roe v. Wade). She pretends she had anything to do with oversight of "20% of the nation's oil supply," over which she does not have oversight. She confuses Iran and Israel. She says Putin has violated her airspace, when he hasn't, according to NORAD. And she says that because Putin is is supposedly "in the air," she is qualified to be VP --or president. She can't name any newspaper she reads or has read--ever read. (Every presidential and vice presidential candidate is asked questions like this.) We have seen what an ignorant sitting President can do to this nation. She doesn't have any idea what the bill before the House Monday and the Senate last night is and loads up her description with talk of health care and more things that the bill does not concern. She simply babbled incoherently. The list goes on. But it is so much worse than not knowing the above. The brain dead way she pastes together empty, unrelated, and disconnected phrases and clauses shows she is incapable of rational thought.

Sarah Palin can do nothing at this point to redeem herself. Even a "passing" performance at the hands of the lickspittle media following tonight's debate cannot change the fact that she is an idiot. They can't pretend that a bar set so low, even if hurdled, means anything. Nor can anything Palin does from here on out erase her miserable, incompetent self from what the world now knows. Sarah Palin is the worst Vice Presidential nominee in history.

The question is: How did Alaskans allow this woman to be governor? But more to the point, how could John McCain care so little about our country to try to impose this poor excuse for a candidate on America. This puts to rest forever any notion that John McCain "puts country first." He doesn't. And no debate "performance" will change that.

Over the past week an increasing cadence of conservatives gets it too: Parker, Will, Krauthammer, Sullivan, Brooks, and more. It all makes one wonder when the free-pass press will finally knock it off with the ridiculous low-bar fetish they have used to get former VP Dan Quayle, Pres. George W. Bush and now, possibly Sarah Palin through the door to the White House. A few courageous journalists have asked tough questions. The rest keep on pretending that if Sarah just stands up, then she "wins." Frankly, this whole process demeans the American voter. And it's time for us to pile scorn on anyone who pretends Sarah Palin can "redeem herself."

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