Friday, September 19, 2008

A Look Back to New Hampshire

In coming days, I'll outline the superiority on the issues of Barack Obama. But today I want to post what is an almost lyrical speech from this past winter. The occasion was his loss to Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire. This is perhaps the best concession speech I have ever heard. And it tells you much about Barack Obama. The ending, especially, is really worth a listen. No, public speaking isn't everything. And Barack Obama is much more than a great public speaker. But this speech shows part of the depth and breadth the man. It helps to illustrate how a candidate thinks, communicates, relates to others, and responds to setbacks. We see the language chosen, how a candidate frames issues, the extent to which he gets what America needs, the extent to which he tells the truth, and a hint of the unifying power of the candidate.

Later, I'll tackle Barack Obama's stands on the major issues, one by one. I'll talk more about his his statesmanship, steadfastness, accomplishment on important issues, and transformational leadership. There's so much more to this outstanding candidate. For now, take a look.