Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What Joe Biden Really Said: Barack Obama "Has Got Steel in His Spine"

The lying sliming morally bankrupt McCain campaign takes everything out of context and generally misrepresents or lies about everything. Last Friday, he said Obama would "invite testing." Previously, McCain said he himself would invite testing. But never mind...

However, the most pathetic aspect to this fear-mongering claim is that they have totally misrepresented what Biden actually said.

Then they lied that Madelyn Albright thinks Barack Obama is totally unprepared to be president. Madelyn herself tonight said that's totally untrue. Tonight she said "he's the best of all possible people to lead us" at this time, "because of the way he approaches things." She also said "we need a candidate who can multi-task and not panic." But panic and show an incapacity to multi-task is just what we saw from John McCain in the beginning of this economic crisis.

But it's just another lying, scheming day on the McCain-Palin campaign trail.