Monday, October 13, 2008

Hat's Off to Paul Krugman, Nobel Prize Winner for Economics

Paul Krugman, the renown Princeton economist, whose Conscience of Liberal sat high on the best seller list last year, and whose on-air commentaries are exemplary and spot-on as commentaries can be, was won the Nobel Prize for Economics. Krugman had achieved nearly everything an academic can. And now, this: His life's work is given the highest worldwide honor. Bravo!

Read about it here. I saw Prof Krugman in person last June (2007) when he presented a talk about the economics of health care. His talk was as timely then as now, for even as I write, John McCain proposes a so-called "health care" plan that will disrupt individuals' ability to even get coverage and lead ultimately to on-your-ownership.

Krugman also often appears on cable news, including Countdown and the new The Rachel Maddow Show. On other cable outlets, he is a fearless debater; a respectful yet strong counterpoint to (failed) fanatical "right-wing" KoolAid drinkers; and the best possible spokesperson for a more enlightened and humane economic policy.

Thanks for all you do, Professor Krugman! You are a hero.