Monday, October 13, 2008

What We Know About John McCain: And It Ain't Pretty

John McCain has a lot of nerve attaching the word "reformer" to his name. John McCain is the problem. With 177 lobbyists working for his campaign, 83 of them having previously and recently lobbied for Wall Street and the banking Industry, John McCain couldn't be more wrong for this nation's economy-in-crisis. And so he makes stuff up, lies through his teeth about Obama's record, and Obama's proposals (more on these later this week). But John McCain is a fox guarding the hen house. Well, actually he doesn't guard it at all. For John McCain, it's all deregulation, all the time. Thanks to his chief economic advisor, Phil Gramm, we now have a heck of a Wll Street, banking and mortgage crisis. Way to go Johnny and Phil.