Saturday, March 28, 2009

GOP Gives Zero-based Budgeting New Meaning! (More on the GOP Non-Budget)

AS I indicated in a previous post, from the GOP, here's it's economic plan for American--the number zero, as in zero details and zero numbers (except the numbers 10% and 25% (more on that in a moment). Now that's budgeting! Every Harry and Harriet-the-Homeowner in America knows better than that. And if the GOP cannot come up with a true, meaningful alternative for the budget, then it should just pack it in, as in take a hike. In particular, the economically challenged John Boehner (R-CA) really should find another line of work. Don't get me started on Eric Cantor. Let me parse the between-the-lines of his and the GOP's "budget proposal." (Satire)

Here's what the hapless GOP stalwarts really mean:
Their Revenue Stream --Tax rates:
--Corporations: Take a tax holiday. You are all such responsible entities, "people" before our right-wing courts, and doers of good.
--Everyday folks: 10% tax rate (doesn't count "user's" fees).
--Those making over $100,000 25% (for the rich, that's three-three-three times the tax cut of Bush, and it would be the biggest tax cut for the rich in history, but never mind).

[No estimates of total revenue available--sorry. GOP doesn't want to admit this is a shut-down-the government budget.]

GOP Budget Expenditures:javascript:void(0)
--Defense and Offense: 80% of every dime it (the GOP) takes in--only to GOP supporting contractors.
--Faith Based Initiatives (Republican people of faith only need apply--"librul" religion is an oxymoron. Wait. Boehner doesn't know what oxymoron is.): 10%
--Corporate giveaways (because there isn't enough government favoritism toward corporations): 10% (and every thing else we can scrape up for 'em).

BTW, Their Idea of Oversight: GOP message to Corporations: "Have it it. Use every opportunity to install gotcha capitalism onto borrowers, telecom customers, medical consumers, and just about anyone buying anything. Have fun. Think of new ways ("products") to work over people with new and more interesting "contracts" and TOS. You don't have to worry about delivering good service or evening keeping up your end of a "contract." We don't care. PS There's no budget for oversight."