Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Another Duh! Moment for the Kilgore Campaign: Hypocrisy 101

All you ever needed you should have learned in kindergarten? Seems Jerry hasn't learned that stuff either. But he has learned more than his share of Political Hypocrisy 101.

Jerry, former lobbyist for Halliburton subsidiary Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR), rants about illegal immigration, even blames Tim Kaine for what's a federal problem (i.e., Bush's fault). Meanwhile, we find that Kilgore once worked for this company, which relies on illegals. Kilgore wants to intervene in a local decision to allocate a specific place for day laborers to congregate and get hired for a day's work. But shutting down such sites discriminates against those citizens and legal immigrants who rely on such day-work opportunities.

KBR subsidiary, Star Solutions, wants to bring tolls and truck lanes to I81 and the Coalfield Expressway). But Jerry says he's for lower taxes. He just means for someone else, not us. Tolls are a taxes. If Jerry and Star Solutions have their way, we'll pay to drive the 81. But that's what gas taxes are for. It's a pity Kilgore mentor, Jim Gilmore used the transportation fund for other stuff.

Kill-More rants about wanting to jack up death row executions, as if that will make us more safe (it's not true, but that's OK with Jerry). Yep. Jerry will make us proud as we try to take away the Texas designation as No. 1 US executioner (as one of my Republican cohorts in the blogosphere said, "that would be sarcasm.")

So, given Jerry's supposed law-and-order mantra, you'd think that he would care about fully funding police departments. Guess again. And you'd think when he was Director of Public Safety, he actually did his job. You'd be wrong. Jerry presided over a 300% increase in state prison breaks during that period.

Kilgore pretends he'll keep us safe and then gives national lawbreaker, King Pharmaceuticals, already paying huge fines for bilking Medicare, a free pass by the AG office. We got no investigation of whether any Medicaid monies were due to the taxpayers of Virginia by King. It just happens that King execs gave over $600,000 to Kilgore (WDBJ7 reports the sum is actually over a million dollars). Health care IS oten a matter a life and death. But Kilgore doesn't care if his buddies squander health care funds at the expense of Virginia citizens and taxpayers.

And as for the possible Abramoff connection reported over at RaisingKaine.com, my, my, my...

Here's what Jerry should have learned instead of complete hypocrisy: First, don't try to have a pissing contest on the matter of who's the better man of faith. In general, it's not a good thing to do. But specifically, you just might have been severely outclassed in the spiritual arena. Second, never claim lawyers aren't fit to be governor (Duh). You rule yourself out. Third, never, ever claim you have the superior attitude about criminal justice ... when you don't even believe a person has a right to a defense! Those supporting the law are supposed to want the right person behind bars.

Fourth, don't claim to have protected Virginians when you allowed illegal dumping by Marvin Bush's company. National Waste Services of Virginia (formerly Tellurian, Inc.), is owned by Winston Partners, co-founded by Marvin Bush. Kilgore failed to do anything about the company's illegal dumping of out of state trash (see article posted to this blog earlier today) until Tim Kaine blew the whistle on Kilgore. Then Kilgore delayed --long enough to allow Marvin Bush's company to declare bankruptcy. Virginia taxpayers got the shaft and the bill.

Fifth, don't claim to be the party of sound fiscal practices and low, low taxes when you won't keep your commitments or pay the bills. It's the same old ploy: GOP tax-cut, borrow and spend like there's no tomorrow. Then leave us holding the credit card debt. Guys like Gilmore and Kilgore (ever notice they rhyme!) leave the ugly job of patching up their sorry-ass messes to our side. Then they claim their trashing of the government is our fault. We didn't even vote for the rascals. Even many members of the GOP will admit that spendthrift ways of Bush are not smart. Now Jerry wants to unleash on Virginia what Bush and Jim Gilmore have wrought. Next?

Sixth, don't say "I trust the people" when the opposite is true. Jerry's claim that he does is really just a ploy to escape economic accountability. And his passing the buck (via budget referrenda) on governance is just one more rip-off. The governor must do his job, not collect his salary and then make us do the work. His plan for referrenda on any proposed tax increase is a recipe for disaster should emergencies strike. If Jerry Kilgore really "trusted the people," he wouldn't support big government intrusion into our daily lives.

Finally, never have George (shove-their-"teeth-down-their- whiny-throats") Allen speak on your behalf in an ad about "character." It's one thing to have a difference of opinion with one's cohorts on the other side. It's quite another to provoke such extreme hostility as to promote physical violence against one's opponents. Allen's statement showed just what kind of a politician he really is. This state and nation don't need any more bullies. When GOP candidates disavow such violent talk and distance themselves from it, then they'll have grounds to talk to the rest of us about "character." (More on the "character" mantra in a blog piece forthcoming.) Suffice it to say for now, treating your neighbor, including those you disagree with, with respect is the starting point. Suffice it to say, Kilgore may know hypocrisy, but he definitely has much to learn about everything else.