Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Is Anyone (of the Nationally Elected Democrats) Out There Besides Russ Feingold?

Our country is more upside down than ever. Bush is still trying to destroy a country to "save" it. While pretending to care about the economy, he's racked up the biggest buget deficits in history. He wants to protect Social Security by undermining it. He wants to protect our way of life with his drastic rewriting of the Constitution and violations of federal law on warrantless wiretaps. He continues to mislead Americans on everything from the Katrina response to his deceptive attempt to slip Social Security privatization into the budget. He's back on the road again trying to deceive with one-sided audiences. He'll keep trying to cram his on-your-ownership down our throats. And he's still trying to force employers to abandon traditional insurance in favor of medical savings accounts.

How much must George W. Bush do to get a rise out of Democrats? Where the heck are they?

Here's Senator Russ Feingold's take on the problem: