Wednesday, May 31, 2006

132 Strong, They Turned Out to Hear James Webb

132 enthusiastic voters packed the Blacksburg Public Library tonight to hear James Webb make his case for the US Senate. They liked what they heard and showed it with numerous rounds of applause.

Given the recent deluge of negative attacks and spin by Harris Miller, a few folks came with a bit of reserve. But most left impressed, enthusiastic, and with Webb signs to post in their yards.

The evening featured Del. James Shuler, who endorsed James Webb and introduced him to the audience. Also announcing endorsements were Shuler's highly regarded predecessor, former Del. Joan Munford and Montgomery County, VA's, most beloved Democrat, former Virginia State Senator Madison Marye, whose wife, Charlotte, also took home a Webb sign.

PS Rather than estimate the crowd, we actually counted. So, naysayers can play their discounting (underestimating) games, but we've got the numbers. I'd say the turnout was pretty darn impressive for a small town in SW Virginia. The northern part of the "Fighting 9th" sure looks like Webb country.