Friday, June 02, 2006

John Kerry Set to Endorse James Webb

First "Not Larry Sabato" and then "Raising Kaine" blogs reveal that John Kerry is set to endorse James Webb. There's been a lot of good news on James Webb's endorsement front. But the endorsement by John Kerry, combined with the following, shows just how many prominent Democrats believe James Webb is the strongest DEMOCRAT to beat George Allen.

Here are Webb's previous endorsements:

Endorsements for James Webb:

Virginia Public Officials:

• Former VA Congresswoman and ‘05 Democratic Lt. Governor nominee Leslie Byrne
• Retired VA Congressman Owen Pickett
• Democratic Congressional Nominee Al Weed
• Former Democratic Whip of the Virginia House of Delegates Chap Petersen
• Commonwealth Senator Phil Puckett
• Commonwealth Senator Patsy Ticer
• Commonwealth Delegate and ‘01 Democratic Attorney General nominee Donald McEachin
• Commonwealth Delegate Jim Shuler
• Roanoke County Clerk of the Circuit Court Steve McGraw
• Roanoke County Commissioner of Revenue Nancy Horn
• Roanoke County Sheriff Gerald Holt
• Dickenson County Commissioner of the Revenue Ronnie Robbins
• Charlottesville Councilor-Elect Dave Norris
• Page County Treasurer C.R. Suddith
• Washington County Treasurer Fred Parker
• Former Commonwealth Senator Emilie Miller
• Former Commonwealth Senator Madison Marye
• Former Commonwealth Delegate Joan Munford
• Former Commonwealth Delegate David Brickley
• Former Commonwealth Delegate Marian Van Landingham
• Prince William County Democratic Committee Finance Chair Harry Wiggins
• Arlington County Board Member Jay Fisette
• Arlington County Board Member Barbara Favola
• Arlington County School Board Member Ed Fendley
• Arlington County School Board Member Mary Hynes
• Arlington County School Board Member Libby Garvey
• Arlington County Treasurer Frank O’Leary
• Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue Ingrid Morroy
• Former Fairfax County Supervisor Rufus Phillips
• Fairfax County School Board Member Janet Oleszek
• Fairfax County School Board Member Catherine Belter
• Former Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Member Lilla Richards
• Alexandria Vice Chairman of the School Board Charles Wilson

National Elected Officials:

• Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid
• Former Senate Democratic Leader Tom Daschle
• Senate Democratic Whip Dick Durbin
• Senator Christopher Dodd, former Chairman of the Democratic National Committee
• Senator Debbie Stabenow, Secretary of the Democratic Senate Conference
• Senator Ken Salazar
• Senator Tim Johnson
• Former Senator Max Cleland
• Former U.S. Senator and Member of 9/11 Commission Bob Kerrey
• Congressman John Murtha

Retired United States Military Officials:

• Retired Army General and ‘04 Democratic Presidential candidate Wesley Clark
• Retired USMC General and former Commander of U.S. Central Command Joseph Hoar
• Retired USMC General and former Commander of U.S. Central Command Tony Zinni
• Retired USMC Lt. General and former Commander of Operations, J-3 Staff Gregory Newbold
• Retired USMC Lt. General Frank Petersen, the highest-ranking African American in USMC history


• Laborers’ International Union (LIUNA)
• Sheet Metal Workers International Association
• Vietnamese-American Veterans Coalition

Senior Members of Sen. Chuck Robb’s Staff:

• Tom Lehner – Chief of Staff (1993-2001), Sen. Robb
• Susan Platt – Campaign Manager, Robb for Senate ‘94
• Susan Albert Carr – Scheduler, Gov. Robb; Legislative Aide and Communications Director, Sen. Robb
• Ridge Schuyler – Legislative Director, Sen. Robb
• Peggy Wilhide – Press Secretary and Communications Director, Sen. Robb
• Julia Sutherland – Gov. Robb Press office; Press Secretary, Robb for Senate ‘88; Press Secretary, Sen. Robb
• Rhett Walker – Deputy Campaign Manager, Robb for Senate ‘94
• John DiBiase – Advance Director, Robb for Senate ‘94
• Bryson Monteleone – Assistant to Campaign Manager, Robb for Senate, ‘94
• C.R. Suddith – Controller, Robb for Senate ‘88; Senate Aide, 89-90; Deputy Treasurer Robb for Senate ‘94
• Louise Ware – Campaign Staff, Gov. Robb; Campaign Staff, Sen. Robb

Other Notables:

• Chuck Dolan- Founder of Democratic Leadership Council & Pres. Clinton's campaign chief for Virginia
• Paul Hackett (D-Ohio) -former US Senate candidate