Wednesday, July 26, 2006

9th District Congressional Race Holds Caution for Extremist Candidate: Evidence Shows Voters Aren't Buying It

Somehow every time Rick Boucher runs for reelection, Republicans manage to dig deeper into the extremist slag-heap for his opponent. This time, Boucher's opponent wishes to make America one nation -- under Jesus Christ!!!!!! The man (Del. Bill Carrico) doesn't get that one shouldn't order up and lead prayer at a public gathering while at the same time wearing a police uniform (he did that). When he was told that the government, and its representatives, can't do that constitutionally, he was Rumpelstilskin mad. Note: What CAN happen is that people can pray -- if the state doesn't make them. And there's absoultely nothing preventing Americans from praying on their own.

Carrico doesn't get that distinction. So, he decided to run for office, where he can write legislation to force his brand of fanaticism down our throats. But his dream of creating a theocratic police state, officially organized under the auspices of one religious perspective, is anathema to our multi-religious country. Most Americans are religious, but they don't, and shouldn't have to endure need his arrogant intrusion and sanctimony. But those who subscribe to other faiths, as well as those professing no faith, deserve protection from this abuse of power. What ever happened to respecting each other? Isn't that what people of faith are called upon to do?

Though unsuitable for Congressman, Carrico would, however, be most appropriate in the Bush administration, where it's no-holds barred, Rovian so-called faith-based iniatives by the dozens. So extreme are the White House efforts that one former head of Faith-based iniatives there, resigned. There, any pseudo-religious excess is A-OK, and the nation and world become pawns in Bush's war of civilizations. The good news is Southwestern Virginians recognize extremism when they see it. The latest poll presented on WBDJ7 shows only 29% (the most hard-core fanatics) supporting theocrat Carrico against Rick Boucher. Maybe the next time the GOP will grasp that voters want respectful representation, good government, sound policy, and an end to wacky candidates. Meanwhile, Carrico should spend a little time reading the Constitution.