Monday, June 19, 2006

George Bush Tells 7% of the Population They Can't Be Happy.

That's it in a nutshell. George W. Bush knows there weren't the bigoted votes to pass the Protect Nothing Amendment in the Senate, so he grandstands promoting the hate-enshrined in the so-called Marriage Protection Act. While George W. Bush pretends gay marriage hurts families (I say it makes families), he continues actually hurting American families with his policies: the economy has made little progress since he took office in 2000. The recession following 9-11 was due to his neglect in securing the nation and delayed response after the first attack. He promotes policies which cripple families earning power, increased the ranks of the poor and homeless, deregulation which wiped out California rate-payers and the state treasury. He continues rewarding off-shorers and "global outsourcers" or "global sourcers" (doublespeak for either off-shoring or importing people to take jobs from US workers who must train their replacements). In Iraq, the giveaway of our tax dollars goes unabated. And he takes money out of your pocket and mine to give to the wealthiest 1%. Rather than simplify and make fairer the tax code, Bush has added 10,000 pages codifying more giveaways, shelters and loopholes for the rich.

Meanwhile the purveyors of hate grandstand to distract in statehouses all over America. No "Marriage Amendment" is so blatantly meddlesome and despicable as the one designed in the dark cesspool of the radical right Virginia GOP. It's not bad enough that these buffoons also are quite literally banning happiness. They go further. They ban civil unions as well. But there's even more. They include language so vague it will threaten legal arrangements by other than married couples. Imagine the possibilities: Couples living together suddenly might not be able to enter into legal agreements (i.e., leases); family members who aren't married might not be able to live under the same roof; college students may have trouble legally living with other college students. And more will join the ranks of the uninsured. Talk about unintended consequences! But the legislators don't care. These lawmakers are actually family nihilists. They'd rather divide and isolate Americans like the bullies these legislators are. And they are decidedly irreligious in their hatred.

I have yet to uncover one way in which a gay couple has any bearing whatsoever on my marriage. However my marriage stacks up is my and my husband's doing, not anyone else's. I can only conclude that these are miserable people who want something or someone to blame (and pay) for their misery. Instead of working on their marriages, and trying to do better each day, they conclude it must be something "out there" apart from themselves responsible for all problems.

Gay marriage hurts no one. But it helps 7% of the nation (as we near the 300 million mark, that's potentially making 21 million people happy). Imagine--making 21 million people, who've done nothing to anyone except want to love and be happy. Gays are born gay. And for those of us who believe in a higher being, that means we should afford them our respect as God's creation. Meanwhile, the lunatics howl at the moon like the mean spirited people they are. An acronym summarizes what their mission should be it: MYOB, butt out, put your own houses in order. You can do a whole lot more to "support marriage" by doing your level best with your own.