Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why A Progressive Echo?

One self-proclaimed centrist blogger, F. T. Rhea has challenged bloggers this weekend to halt the "echo chamber" for one weekend. Funny, but, if anything, more, not less, echo from the left-of-center is needed to even come close to matching the hollow noise-for-mischief emanating from the right. The echo-chamber shouldn't be the only activity of progressive bloggers, but it is a legitimate one.

For example, does anyone not believe the GOP neocon echo-chamber is fast a work trying to ramp up to full-blown world-wide conflict for its own ulterior purpose (privatizing infrastructure, usurping public assets, and ironically invading our private lives and homes at the same time). Pardadoxically, it's privatization for neocons and their corporate concerns but public control of each individual, down to the (smaller-than-the-head-of-a-pin) human embyos and our DNA.

We get insufficient information about the extent of the Middle East conflict, and America's clandestine manipulation of it. Corporate news has become our news. And "what's good" for Lockeed Martin, Raytheon, and other manufacturers of war has supplanted what's good for GM. You "gotta sell those missles and armanents." And you "gotta" have wars, they think but don't say.

With the exception of Air America Radio and Free Speech TV (which reach small numbers of voters), there's little traditional media coverage of alternative information. That is to say, information that isn't "imbedded," and thus slanted. for example, except for on Free Speech TV, there's no coverage about how selling weapons systems for the eradication of civilians is illegal under US Law.

International conflict is a tricky enterprise, but it is, unfortunately, an enterprise. It's also complicated by real concerns of citizens of the world that we are being played once again. Just scare people enough. Just make us believe that if we don't support excess, one country will cease to exist. Maybe even our own. We want our or another nation to exist, so we give in yet again. This time, however, the stakes are higher.

George W. Bush has, somewhat feebly, asked for restraint. He should say it more strongly -- and mean it. Restraint should be part of our mantra too. And so too should be "diplomatic solution." Wouldn't an echo of that be refreshing? We should have learned long ago that every time we meddle or divide counties up, we have perrennial problems.

No doubt, those who urge restraint, proportionality, negotiation, peace will be tarred and mislabeled. We will falsely charged with being against a people. We are not. We don't owe anyone or any country a blank check. My faith tells me I must stand with those who call for these things and not with purveyors of killing and destruction. So, let the echo begin: Restraint. Protect innocent civilians. Cease fire. Negotiation. Long-term agreements (kept). Peace. There's not a lot of time to waste.