Friday, September 22, 2006

As Arianna Says, "It's Not the Economy, Stupid"

Arianna Huffington at says Democrats may actually be snatching defeat from the mouth of victory. They actually think we should run as if it were 1992 (DLC redux). When do they ever learn? There are quite a few more important issues than than the economy, however important it is.

We need a new direction in this country. We need a government that respects its people and those of the world community. He (or she) must behave as a leader should in dealings with the rest of the world. We need to retake the government from the culture of corruption that's dominated Washington these past six years. We must end wars being waged to enrich the friends of Bush.

George W. Bush has led us into unnecessary war by deceiving Americans. He's bungled the war in Iraq, destabilized the Middle East, egged on our adversaries with his combative language, undermined the economy, (against thw sihes of the people and Congress) set in place the beginnings of privatizing Social Security, put 400,000 more children below the poverty line, pushed more children off teh rolls of teh insured, and hampered education with the nonsensical "No Child Left Behind." He's cost us our reputation in the world, bullies Americans, acts as our thought police, and push's the "terror" button every time he needs a bump in his polling. He's justified torture. (Why could other presidents live within the Geneva Conventions?) It's time to send this guy home from Washington. It's about so much more than the economy.

Democrats poll better on the issue of the Iraq war and should poll better on security. To paraphrase The Daily Shows, John Oliver (hear the video here), "We are safe, but not safe..." (Just who presided over this nation during 9-11 and who keeps pumping Americans to be afraid?)

Political consultants operate primarily y from superstitious behavior. They think that if their candidates won, as nearly all incumbents do, then the assume everything they did was on-target. They'll keep making the same mistakes until the elctroate convinces them otherwise. It is the people, after all, on whose behalf our leaders govern and not the other way around.

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