Wednesday, September 20, 2006

"The Iran Desk" and "The Office of Special Plans"

"The Office of Special Plans" specializes in fixing the information to fit the plan. It did so for to facilitate the war in Iraq. And it's plan is to wage war upon war, no matter what the evidence or the morality of doing so. Its clumsy and easily detectible disinformation on Iraq has set the stage for a new upcoming effort in Iran.

The "desk" is all disinformation all the time. And it's role is to pave the the way for "markets" for friends of the administration in Iran, not for democracy. Instead, the Office of Special Plans is about the "freedom" of corporations, not the freedom of people.

A new ABC poll shows that 70% of Americans want negotiations and sanctions, should they be necessary. The Office of Special Plans does not care.

For a look at what The Office of Special Plans has in mind for us next, check the Diane Reehm show from Sept. 20, 2006. Read about it here.