Monday, September 11, 2006

MSNBC Moves to Dump Another Pro-Democratic Commentator

Today comes word that one of the most published and famous among progressive bloggers was fired by MSNBCcom. That organization dropped Erick Alterman, whose "Altercation" blog and discussion at MSNBC have been fixtures since 1996. Among the many contributions by Alterman is the Book "What Liberal Bias?" Media specialist Alterman has written another entitled, "When Presidents Lie."

The timing of this decision makes one wonder whether indeed MSNBC is now in another round of purges of administration critics. Let's hope that isn't so. If it is, then MSNBC has lost sight of its reason for being in the news and commentary business, the reporting of news and giving forums for the exchange of ideas.

The good news is that Alterman will move his blog to Additionally Alterman can still be seen at The Nation and The Center for AMerican Progress.