Saturday, September 09, 2006

Let the Boycott of ABC Begin

Apparently, ABC is going with the defamatory two-part movie, "The Path to 9-11." When all else fails, wrongfully blame Clinton for George W. Bush's failures. Apparently, the same network will even allow Bush to address Americans at 9:00 PM That night, right in the middle of the movie's airing.

Any moderate or progressive, indeed any conservative who values the truth, who continues to watch ABC after this is doing him or herself, and the nation, a real disservice.

New evidence revealed by The Democratic Underground and finds that a right-wing fundamentalist cabal is behind this film. Additionally, Portions of the film are based on the work of the White House Deputy Director of Public Affairs. This is clearly, illegal propaganda geared toward one thing: rewriting history and hijacking an election.

If you watch the movie you provide ratings. Cable and satellite companies keep track. Let the boycott begin!